Who you gonna call?

Hey Everyone: 

At CFLT we know that healthy relationships are just as important as healthy bodies and one the keys to that is communication. As our community and staff at CFLT grows sometimes it can get confusing as to who you need to talk to, about what. We know we need to be better at communicating, who doesn’t? We have just set up a new protocol for staff communication and wanted to share it with you so you are not left hanging when you send a message.. 

When you can expect to hear from us: 


Monday-Friday – We will endeavour to answer emails as quickly as possible but we will always respond within 24 hours. 

Text Messages/Messenger/FB Messenger/Instagram Direct Messenger:

We ask that you do not communicate business related messages through these channels. 

CFLT Business Phone Calls (250-704-6678): 

Within 4 hours of receiving the message Monday – Friday. 

True Coach/HSN App messages: 

As specified by your nutrition or online coaches.


Who to contact for what:

Support and General Feedback:

tracey@crossfitlifetree.com – At CFLT we want a safe place for you to be able to bring your requests or constructive criticism so we can learn from your input and improve our service to you. Tracey is the General Manager of CFLT and the one to bring that to. She will listen, respond and take proactive steps based on member input. If you don’t know who to contact or your issue is not resolved via the normal route of communication Tracey can help.


admin@crossfitlifetree.com – This is where you send all your membership questions and requests for changes. Rachael is our new membership manager and 90% of the time she will be the one to answer your email but occasionally Tracey will reply occasionally too. 


accounts@crossfitlifetree.com – This is where you send any questions regarding billing, payments, e-transfers or payment method changes. Tracey is currently the one who you will be chatting with. 


caileigh@crossfitlifetree.com – Caileigh is our head nutrition coach and is the go to for your general nutrition questions. If you have a nutrition membership then you will be assigned a coach directly who will explain the communication protocol associated with your membership. 

Programming or Coach Feedback: 

caleb@crossfitlifetree.com – Caleb is our head coach and does all the programming  and coach development at CFLT. If you have feedback that you are not comfortable giving directly to a coach please contact him directly. 

Coaches Contact Info: 

Below are emails for each of our coaches and you are welcome to email them directly with feedback or questions. As to scaling workouts or specific physical issues it is better to address this at class.

Coaches emails: 






liz@crossfitlifetree.com (kids and adaptive coach)

Hope this helps and we love to hear from our members so hope to chat soon! 

Coach Tracey