What to Expect When Coming Back?

It’s almost time for the doors to open and CrossFit to resume inside the gym! We are so excited for this and have been waiting for what feels like an eternity. We know the common sentiment is that most people are looking forward to this day as well. Clearly some things will be different. Physical distancing, enhanced cleaning procedures, smaller classes are all part of guidelines we are following to keep everyone safe going forward. But what about the workouts? Are you physically ready to just jump back into these tough WODs? The short answer is: YES!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some movements that might feel rusty or outright foreign to you when we open up the doors. Pull-up bars have been scarce, barbells for many have been missing, and assault bikes and rowing machines were in limited supply. Just as always, we are here to coach you. We will walk you through the movements that you have forgotten or need some refinement. This is no different than before, so there is no need to feel intimidated about returning because you feel out of practice.

If there’s one thing I can say with certainty about the workouts I programmed for you during the temporary closure of CrossFit LifeTree: I did not take it easy on you, and that was on purpose! There was no reason to make the programming easier just because you were working out at home. I wanted you to feel like you were still getting fitter through this time. You have all been champions in tackling the tough assignments and supporting each other through them. Remember the “Burpees are the Rest” workout? That was one of the toughest workouts we’ve programmed to date, and you did it without a physical gym to do it in. 

So what can you expect when coming back? You are more than likely fitter than you were when you left. You will pick up movements that you haven’t done in a while very quickly. You might have to build up your calluses for pull-ups and toes to bar again, but that’s no big deal. You are physically MORE than ready to get right back into the thick of it with your friends and coaches.

Coach Caleb