Unlocking the Power of Routine 

There have been many inspiring and informative blogs over the past few months from our team of coaches here at CrossFit LifeTree. In writing these, our hope is you are able to take some of these nuggets of wisdom, beginning to apply them to your own life in order to achieve the change you’re looking for. One effective way to fast track your road to results is found within the power of routine. 

Routines are simply a sequence of actions regularly followed; or a fixed program. As with most things, there are bad routines and good routines. Since our bodies are wired to thrive on routines or schedules, it’s important we focus on good routines. Eating at the same time each day and going to bed at a set time both set us up to succeed. Attending the same classes each week or having a post workout cool-down routine are two more great examples.

Ever notice whenever you hear someone say “I got thrown off my routine” it’s usually an excuse for poor performance? That’s no coincidence. Living erratically may seem wild and adventurous, but it seldom leads to peak performance. There are so many benefits to having routines, here are just a few reasons why you want to consider building them into your life: 

  1. Help Us Be Efficient 

When you have an established routine it reduces the amount of decisions you have to make, and as activities become familiar you become more efficient at them. I.e. you get better and faster!

  1. Brings Structure 

Think of a routine like a framework. It makes it easier to move through our day, knowing where we can fit things in and where we cannot.  

  1. Causes Us to Prioritize

We often create routines around things that are important to us. Those goals we want to achieve, we get to decide they are valuable to us and in turn build a routine involving those things. 

  1. Builds Good Habits 

Habits are formed when we repeat things over time. Good habits are formed when we build routines around priorities that lead to growth and development.

I recommend choosing an area of life you want to grow in, and if it is something we’ve already blogged about, go back and read about it. Find those tips and tricks and then take some time to formulate a healthy routine around it.

For example, I’ve made getting a better quality sleep a priority in order to increase my recovery. My routine includes having a set time to be in bed. I also learned that drinking a certain type of tea about an hour before bed promotes healthy sleep, so I do that too. Deep breathing exercises, foam rolling, and using a certain essential oil all help to relax before bed. Because I do these things around the same time each evening, my body has begun to flow with this routine and it feels quite normal now. Each of these practices are a signal to the body, “oh hey, it is time to prepare for sleep.”

Where do you need to add a little routine into your life? Where do you want to grow? Some options to think about are a morning routine, a routine to prepare for sleep, a self care routine, or a routine to increase your mobility. You can also develop routines to help you eat better, meal prep, or a routine that keeps you from snacking after dinner. How about a routine before or after you workout? There’s really no limit! Go ahead give it a try to unlock the power of routine in your own life. 

Coach Amy