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The Most Important Fitness Movement EVER?

I already know that this topic will be met with eye-rolls and differing opinions, but I am willing to stick to my guns and give you my sound reasoning.   The BURPEE is the most important fitness movement of all time.   There. I said it. Digest and internalize that statement. Now let’s dig into […]

Why you need to sign up for the CrossFit Open!

In 2013 while I was still doing my Foundations program my coach Caleb Woiwod said “Mom you should sign up for the CrossFit Open”. I did not know what a snatch was, had maybe gotten 1 double under and was mighty far from getting a toes to bar. I signed up because Caleb believed in […]

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Triggers for Success in 2021

“We don’t rise to the level of our challenges; we fall to the level of our preparation.” This is a very wise quote from a mentor of mine named Chris Cooper.  Almost all of us have smartphones to help us be more efficient and productive but sometimes triggers can cause us to be lulled into […]

How heavy should you lift?

Hey folks! We have seen a huge increase in strength work lately! It’s been awesome to be able to work on building up stronger muscles, more resilient joints and a healthier mindset towards resistance training. Lifting weights can be some of the most functional training you can participate in – we lift weights all the […]

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There are certain movements that can come up in workouts where you think “I wish I had [insert skill here]!”  Are you stuck doing double or triple the amount of single skips when the workout calls for double unders? Or banded pull-ups/jumping pull-ups? Do your toes-to-bar look like you are just flailing around? Your double […]


What is RX for a Masters Athlete?

It has been so much fun meeting with so many of you over these past few weeks for athlete check ins. I love seeing where people have come from and hearing where they want to go. ⁣ ⁣ One of the goals for quite a few of our Master Athletes (55 +) is to do […]

One thing to take OFF of your plate this holiday season

One thing to take OFF of your plate this holiday season How many different things can you worry about at one time this time of year? We already have the normal holiday stresses of finances, family, and lack of time and daylight. This year, we can add the continuing worry of a pandemic as the […]

Plant-Based Proteins: What are they and what ones to eat!

For those of you who don’t know I have been vegan/100% plant based for over 3 ½ years! Being 100% plant based means I do not eat any animal products, so anything that has come from an animal to make the food I haven’t eaten in over 3 years (meat, dairy, cheese, eggs etc.). And […]

How to Help Your Immune System

We want you to stay healthy, especially right now! You may have noticed we have been more thorough about making sure only healthy folks are partaking in our classes. So how do you stay healthy to ensure you can keep coming to the gym? Well exercise is a great way to stay healthy, but we […]


Setting Your Workout Intention

What approach are you taking towards your daily workout? We all want to leave the gym feeling like we crushed our workout but what markers are you using to actually determine this? In order to determine if we were successful, we need to set an intention (or small goals) for each workout.  How to set […]