You don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit but you won’t be fit until you start CrossFit.

CrossFit will improve your activities outside the gym, that is why our workouts include movements such as squatting, lifting and throwing.

You get a new workout everyday so you will never be bored.

Your cardiovascular endurance will improve through running, rowing, skipping and the assault bike.

You never have to worry about not being able to complete a workout as intensity and skill in any workout can be scaled to meet your ability.

If you need child care that is provided at some of our 9:30 am classes. Please check the schedule to find out more!

If you are new to CrossFit, our Foundations program is your first step.


Inbody Scanner

  • A state of the art body composition testing machine.
  • Find out your muscle mass and body fat percentage.
  • Learn areas of your body that need strengthening.
  • A great baseline for building a plan to improving your health and fitness. 
  • Takes less than a minute and is completely painless. Watch the demo.
  • Included monthly for all nutrition clients.