Specialty Programs

Skill Specific Courses 

Level 1 Gymnastic Course

November 11-December 16th, 2019

$90 + GST

The Level 1 gymnastics skills class will focus on developing the foundations for the gymnastic movements you see in daily workouts. We will work on drills, strength progressions and body positions. This class will be beneficial for those who need to build strength in these movements or those who have limited exposure to the gymnastic movements in CrossFit. 

Skills you will learn:

  • Pull-ups
  • Handstands
  • Toes to Bar
  • Rings
    • Ring swing and support drills
    • Strength for strict ring dips
    • Toes to rings

Level 2 Gymnastic Course

November 12-December 17th, 2019

$90 + GST

The Level 2 Gymnastics skills class will focus on building strength, endurance and coordination for the more advanced gymnastic movements that we see in workouts. 

Prerequisites for this class are:

  • Unassisted pull-ups
  • Unassisted handstand kick-up (including version of strict or kipping hspu)
  • Ring support without assistance

Skills you will learn:

  • Butterfly pull-up progressions
  • Strength and progressions for strict and kipping HSPU
  • Handstand walk drills and progressions
  • Strength for CTB and Ring and Bar MU
  • Drills and progressions for kipping Ring and Bar MU

Refining the Olympic Lifts

January 7 – February 11, 2020

$90 + GST

  • Are you interested in improving your Olympic lifting skills and abilities?
  • Every Tuesday 7-8pm for 6 weeks you will develop the intricate elements of snatch and the clean and jerk.
  • The 1-hour sessions will be technique driven, focusing on form before increasing weight!
  • You will perform drills that will aim to help you with creating an efficient bar path, correct body contact and sounds positions.
  • This program is open to all levels of lifters with the desire to improve their skills.