Nutrition Coaching


Why Nutrition Coaching?

  • You cannot exercise away a bad diet.
  • With so many different diets on the internet we offer a simple and sustainable solution.
  • Your coach will guide you in developing healthy habits around food that will last a lifetime.
  • Learn the type, quantity and quality of food to eat at when to eat it.
  • Meal plans based on whole, nutritionally dense food that will leave you feeling healthy, full and satisfied.
  • Program  written by registered dietitian Nicole Marchand Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition.
  • Accountability and training provided in person and through the HSN app that integrates directly with My Fitness Pal.

All our Nutrition Memberships include the following services: 

  • Initial consultation and Health assessment and goal setting
  • Customized meal plans (with grocery lists)
  • Comprehensive nutrition handbook
  • Biometric testing – Inbody Scan
  • Access to HSN app for accountability and tracking progress.
  • Graduate to on-going coaching after completion ($85-125/month)

Silver Membership 1 Month Commitment


  • Weekly Virtual check-ins with your coach 
  • Follow up in person appointment with coach for biometric retesting and support. 

Gold Membership 3 Month Commitment


  • Monthly in person appointments with coach for biometric retesting and support. 
  • Bi-weekly virtual Check-in

Platinum Membership 3 Month Committment


  • Bi-weekly virtual check-ins for accountabity and support from your coach. 
  • Bi-weekly in person appointments with coach for biometric retesting and support. 

Inbody Scanner

  • A state of the art body composition testing machine.
  • Find out your muscle mass and body fat percentage.
  • Learn areas of your body that need strengthening.
  • A great baseline for building a plan to improving your health and fitness. 
  • Takes less than a minute and is completely painless. 
  • Included monthly for all nutrition clients. 

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