CrossFit Open 2021

Since 2017 CrossFit LifeTree has been participating in the CrossFit Open. This worldwide competition is an opportunity to compete against other athletes your age and gender to see where you stack up. Each year you can track how far you have come among your peers and more than that, you can challenge yourself to do things you never thought possible. The cost to register for the CrossFit Open is only $20 US and you can register here

At CrossFit LifeTree we take this event a step further with the CFLT Intramural Open where EVERY member has an opportunity to participate whether you sign up for the CrossFit Open or not. 

What team are you on? 

  • We have divided all CFLT members into 3 teams and you can see the team roster here.
  • If you don’t see your name on the roster contact us so we can assign you to a team. 
  • The team captains will be assigning everyone of their members to a private FB group for communicating details and answering questions.

When can you do the workouts? 

  • Starting on March 11th at 5 pm CrossFit will announce the Open workout 21.1 and you will have until the following Monday at 5 pm to post your scores both in SugarWOD and the CF games site if you register. 
  • We will run our Friday and Saturday Open gym times as an opportunity to do the workouts and judge your fellow classmates. 
  • You can do the Open workout on Monday but if you need a judge you will have to find one and both judge and athlete must make a reservation for the class they will be attending. 
  • Please only sign up for one open session on either Friday or Saturday during the 3 weeks of the Open.  There will be a home workout in SugarWOD on Saturdays for those warriors who need an extra sweat that day. 
  • All Teens will be doing the workout the week after the workouts are announced at their regular class times. 

How do you earn points for your team?

  • 1 point for every workout completed by each athlete
    • Scores must be entered into SW to qualify for the point
  • Weekly bonus points
    • Athlete of the week spirit award to be voted on by the community
    • Athlete of the week best effort award to be voted on by the community 
    • 1 Point for hitting new PR on movement or weight (to be reported to your Team Captain) 

Register for the CrossFit Open