CrossFit Open 2020

The CrossFit LifeTree Intramural Open

Every year CrossFit Inc puts on a worldwide online competition that we  participate in as a community. 

  • Every Thursday at 5 pm for 5 weeks starting October 10th a workout is announced by CrossFit HQ.
  • Each athlete who is registered has until the following Monday at 5pm to complete the workout and submit their score. 
  • You will be ranked among your peers all over the world and it is a great way to track your progress in your CrossFit journey.
  • There are divisions for each age category and also scaled workouts so that everyone can participate regardless of their skill level.  

We would love to see as many CrossFit LifeTree members register for the Open but  CrossFit LifeTree Intramural Open is for all our members. 

Times to do the workouts are as follows:

  • All Friday classes (it will be the programmed workout that day).
  • Saturday 7:30-10:30 am  at our special event called “GO TIME”.
  • Monday 10:30am-11:30 am 

Important details to note:
  • Saturday GO TIME is for any adult or teen member who wishes to do their workout as a community and will not count towards their weekly or monthly class total.
  • Every Thursday night you’ll receive a link to sign up for GO TIME to both perform the workout and judge someone else doing the workout
  • GO TIME heat slots are on a first come first serve basis.
Class Workout details
  • Fridays you can do the workout or do a trial run.  Please be aware that you may be called upon to judge even if you are just practicing your own Open workout.  You MUST reserve and sign in as usual for Friday classes  even if you are only doing a practice run.
  • If you wish to redo your workout you can do so by scheduling a one on one session with a coach.
Intramural Open
  • Earn points for your team:
    • 1 point for doing each workout.
    • 1 point for signing up for the CF Open. 
    • Extra point if one of their members is in the top 3 performers in either the RX, Scaled and 55+ categories (coaches are not included).
Intramural Teams

Still got questions?   Contact us and we are happy to help!